At some point managing personal finances becomes a top priority for us all. Life events like launching children, caring for aging parents, retirement, downsizing or relocating, all have financial implications. MONEY STARTS TO MATTER!

You simply don’t have the time or the inclination to plan and direct your financial future. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!

It’s time to consolidate and coordinate all aspects of your personal finances. Consolidate your dreams for the future with realistic expectations. Create a solid, comprehensive and understandable FINANCIAL STRATEGY.

Plans need to be directed and protected. Fortified. The financial marketplace is complex and confusing. It is easy to make expensive mistakes. We serve as your independent and objective advocate. WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Your financial future depends on the action you take now. We are here to take the lead. IT’S TIME!

Doherty and Bryant Financial Strategists is a business name and trademark of iA Investment Counsel Inc. ("IAIC"). IAIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of IA Insurance and Financial Services Inc. ("IAIFS"). IAIFS is a TSX-listed company (symbol:IAG). IAIC is registered in all provinces in the category of Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland, and Exempt Market Dealer in the Province of Ontario.